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Parkinson's/Hinz Protocol

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Parkinson's disease is a neurodegenerative disorder and, so far, there is no cure, so Parkinson's diagnosis can trigger a range of emotions and a person might have a hard time dealing with those feelings. That is why understanding the psychology of this neurodegenerative disorder is the first step to help people with Parkinson's deal with their physical and emotional health and well being. 


Parkinson’s Disease and Emotional Problems.

Some of the emotional issues that often follow a Parkinson's disease diagnosis can include:

  • Denial - trying to deal with the shock of the diagnosis person often face a period of denial 

  • Depression - as many as half of those with Parkinson's disease also have depression

  • Anxiety - Parkinson's disease can create a high level of anxiety because it affects nearly every aspect of a person's life 

  • Stress - frustration and embarrassment about their lack of control over their own bodies

Whether you or your loved one is experiencing Confusion, Depression, Anxiety do to receiving Parkinson’s diagnosis the situation is usually too complicated for Psychotherapy alone.

Frequently, there is a biochemical component that needs to be addressed before a person is available for psychological intervention. Your state of mind is dependent on the state of your brain chemistry.

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